How water pollution affects in environment

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Clean water is now difficult to obtain considering the water was polluted by the many contaminants that we ourselves do not know where he came from. Changes in the physical, chemical, and biological contamination can affect water thereby disrupting the balance of the ecosystem.

Pollution of water with a variety of waste is no longer able to be accommodated by natural ecosystems. So to overcome this is to first process the waste to be disposed of quickly as fast in producing. If not done processing first, then the waste may grow organisms-organisms that can harm humans and other creatures.

There is a reason that the cause of water pollution occurs. Water pollution is present in two categories, namely pollution and waste are clearly not obvious. Waste pollution is clear that we can know if the waste is from a specific location. For example sewage pipes that drain polluted water flowing into rivers and farmland. While pollution is not clear example of pollution come from the large area like a city that has many impurities and also more use of gasoline so that the waste into lakes and rivers.

The main causes of water pollution is a chemical and industrial processes. Water pollution is can cause serious environmental health problems. Factory farms and producers in this instance is to pour the chemicals and livestock waste directly into rivers and cause water to become poisonous and the lack of oxygen in the water and caused a lot of water organisms die.

There are known internal pollution. Internal pollution is the hot water from power plants. Internal pollution is made of oxygen in the water to be reduced so much water organisms are dead. In addition, there are also organic and inorganic pollutants. Organic pollutants such as waste is decomposed by the organism while the organic pollutants are toxic and corrosive, such as acids, heavy metals, and others.

Other water pollution that have an impact on the environment are pesticides. Pollution is known as eutrophication. This provides nutrients to plants in a state of excess. Also, it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the water and causing the death of water organisms.

In addition, water is also polluted by plastic material. This could damage the environment and harm other aquatic organisms. Sea creatures might eat the plastic and cause of death for him. So this is also the cause of many fish are dying.

There is also waste from households that also a factor of water pollution. It also includes the impact of water pollution in the environment. In addition, it also reduces and pollute the water supply available.

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