Kill bacteria by ultraviolet

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Kill bacteria by ultraviolet light. There have been many scientists who developed techniques to decontaminate water using solar energy available. It aims to reduce the spread of diseases from the water.

Kill bacteria by ultraviolet disinfection of water using solar power with which the simple way that can kill or eliminate bacteria in water. Usually the way this is done by households in developing countries which have enough clean water willingness bit. So they do it by taking water and put it somewhere and leave them to the sun and effectively for 6 hours was able to kill all bacteria.

Ways in which the expert is to conduct disinfection of water contaminated with the bacterium Escherichia coli using the ultraviolet. At the pump will circulate water between the tank container with a glass tube surrounded by a sun catcher. So this can make the bacteria die.

Kill bacteria by ultraviolet light is useful for disinfecting water in plastic bottles which can be sterilized water is also limited. The virtue of kill bacteria by ultraviolet is an effective way used to kill bacteria. However, you must also be careful in the design of re-calculation of flow in the solar disinfection reactor.

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