Nitrates in the water

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Nitrates in the water - nitrate is a colorless corrosive liquid and is one of the poisonous acid. Nitrate itself can also cause burns. This is because 86% fuming nitric acid containing nitrate. Nitrate is divided into two, namely:

• white fuming nitric acid
• red fuming nitric acid

The usefulness of nitrate is:

• Used in the laboratory as a reagent.
• Used as an ingredient for the manufacture of explosives, such as nitroglycerin, trinitrotoluene and siklotrimetilenatrinitramin, and ammonium nitrate.
• Used as a metallurgist and the removal which reacts with the metal. When nitric acid is mixed with HCl, then this mixture to form aqua regia, and one of the few reagents able to dissolve gold and platinum.
• As a component of acid rain

Nitrates in the water is very dangerous if until we consume. If the nitrate has a very high content in the water there will be a very large nitrate poisoning. Moreover, if a baby has been drinking water containing nitrates, it will cause cyanosis in infants. Meanwhile, if the adult experience toxicity.

According cycle, bacteria convert nitrogen into nitrate by plants. Animals that eat the plants will contain nitrate to produce the protein in the animal body. After that, the nitrate will exit through the feces of animals so that microbial decomposers convert nitrate to nitrite and also in the digestive tract of humans and animals. Then, the bacteria will convert nitrates into nitrogen.

So for those of you who want to get clean drinking water and healthy is better you use a good water treatment. A good water treatment are filtration and purification system produced very high quality and safe for consumption. So you are not contaminated with nitrates in the water.

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