Picture of the water cycle

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Water is something very important to our lives. All living things need water in nature. Every living creature has a life needs of each of which use a lot of water in his life. The amount of water actually unlimited, but the water run into the water cycle where water is dirty and mixed with the substance is cleaned again through natural processes.

The water cycle is a cycle of ongoing water continuously from the atmosphere to earth and back into the atmosphere again. The process of the water cycle will run continuously. So water can be said as a natural resource that can be updated.

The kinds and stages of the process of the water cycle. Below I have included picture of the water cycle. Here's his explanation :

a. small cycle :

• Sea water evaporation due to sunlight experience
• There is condensation and cloud formation
• Rain fell in the sea

b. cycles are :

• Occurs in the ocean water evaporation into the gas due to solar heat
• Experiencing condensation
• Steam moves with the wind to land
• Forming a cloud
• There was rain on the land surface
• Water flows from the river to the sea again

c. large cycles :

• Sea water evaporates due to heat of the sun
• Water vapor having sublimation
• Forming a cloud that contains ice crystals
• Clouds moving from the wind to land
• Clouds are formed
• Chance of snow
• Formed glacier
• Glaciers are melting to form a watershed
• Water from the river to the land and returned to the sea.

That's about the water cycle. I also give picture of the water cycle for more details. May be useful for those of you who read it.

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