Properties of water

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You must have known the properties of water. The properties of water also we have learned since being in elementary school. Water is the source of natural wealth which is also abundant. This proved the earth consists of 71% water and 29% land. The water we can get in the ocean, rivers, lakes, rain and more others.

We as humans can not live without water. Because the water needed in daily life and is also required for the body. Lots of functionality and benefit for ourselves. The benefits of water for life for example:

1. We avoid the disease, such as kidney, dehydration, and others.
2. Facilitate activities like washing, bathing, and others.
3. Streamlining the digestive system
4. Regulate body temperature
5. Make the body more fresh

From everyday use as well as its benefits, surely you already know the properties of water.

Here I describe the properties of water:

1. Water flows from high places to low places. An example is a shower or during rain events. Visible water flows from the highlands into the low plains.

2. Water is also capillarity. Did you still remember the capillarity? Capillarity is the process of absorption through the small cracks. For instance water is spilled on a cloth. It is proved that the water was dumped at first a little, over time the water will spread until the cloth becomes wetter than the first.

3. Water is always shaped in accordance with the container. This is evidenced if put in bottled water, the water bottle-shaped and so on if the put in different containers.

4. Water as a solvent. For example, salt and sugar can be dissolved by water. This is proven when we're making the tea and stir the sugar will dissolve, causing the tea is sweet.

5. Properties of water pressure in all directions. This is illustrated for example when we want to use the watering. You can see that the water pressure in all directions when watering plants.

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