Reverse osmosis filters

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Reverse osmosis filters are the way or screening process that can filter out large molecules and ions from the solution by putting pressure on the solution of which was located at one of the membrane that serves as a filter. So that makes a substance that dissolved into a layer of sediment in which the flow pressure on the pure solvent that will flow into the next layer.

In reverse osmosis membranes are selective in choosing. It is intended that only passable by a smaller part of the solution and can not be bypassed or in other words, is solvent and can not be skipped molecules that are large and well known as ion or solute.

Reverse osmosis filters, the word osmosis means is a something that is natural and occurs in living cells. Molecules that are usually on the water will flow from areas of low concentration to high concentration. The process through semi-permeable membrane.

Reverse osmosis filters it so it can be said to be a process to force from the solvent or water molecules are common in areas of high concentration through a membrane into a low concentration. So it shows conduct in excess osmotic pressure. And through the filter yield pure production from one side.

That is the explanation or translation of my article. May be useful for those of you who read my article about reverse osmosis filters.

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