Sewage water treatment

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Sewage water treatment is very necessary now. This is because the amount of water is now polluted. Thus making the water becomes scarce and in rural areas still though and also the big cities. Here I will tell you to get clean water by filtering the water cloudy with materials that are easy we can. This method can also be used for those who still are on the interior.

Sewage water treatment is only able to get clean water for daily use. There are advantages to using this simple water filtration. The advantage we can use rice water, brackish water, and also the murky river water though.

But even though you use Sewage water treatment you also do not have to use this way. How this is done if clean water was very scarce and can not be found anymore for you. If done for the purposes of drinking, this water must be cooked first.

In addition, to perform water treatment Sewage this you must be diligent to replace the materials for water purification. This is so no debris buildup and reduce the quality of water purification itself.

Sewage treatment can be done using the example of water from the river and running it into the tank that you have previously provided. You have to give entrance to the water by giving him a wire gauze which serves to filter out dirt that will go into the tank. After that, switch back to the deposition bath, if you're feeling like you are full then the deposition open to drain the water hole which opened into the tub of water filtration. After that, open the faucet and you will see the water will come out within a few minutes. With water initially and gradually becomes turbid water becomes clean and clear.

In case you care to wash the fibers clean and basking in the sun to dry and sand smooth well washed with clean water in a bucket and stirred so that dirt can get lost and then dry in the sun to dry. In addition, the gravel from the rest of the sieve clean fine sand can be washed and dried to dry and clean the stone is cleaned up and there is no inherent and soil drying. That is also how to care for water purification in doing Sewage water treatment.

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