Waste water treatment plant

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Waste water treatment plant to process waste water by neutralizing the water of contaminants that are suspended and floating. Neutralized in the waste water treatment plant by decomposing organic material is biodegradable, minimizing bacterial pathogens, and noticed aesthetic value and the existing environment.

Waste water treatment plant can be done in two ways:

• Natural
• Help

Waste water treatment plant naturally is waste water treatment process carried out naturally. This is done by creating a stabilization pond. In this case the waste water will be treated naturally and will neutralize pollutant substances first before returning to the river flowed.

Waste water treatment plant using a general stabilization pond as anaerobic ponds, facultative ponds and maturation ponds. Facultative pond here serves for treating waste water contaminated by organic materials are concentrated. While the pond is a waste water treatment malturasi which serves eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

If you want to use the waste water treatment plant in a natural way like this is very good. This method is also economical to do. However, this method can only be used by those who have are in the tropics and developing circumstances.

Waste water treatment plant with a way to help is by using the tools that exist in waste water treatment plant. Waste water treatment with the tools through three stages, namely:

• Primary Processing
• Secondary Processing
• Tertiary Treatment

Waste water treatment in the primary processing is responsible for separating solids and liquids by using a sieve and sedimentation tanks. Adapt and use the slow and rapid sand filters, multimedia filters, filter percoal, mikro staining, and vacuum filters.

Waste water treatment plant in the secondary processing is coagulation, remove colloid, stabilize the organic substances contained in waste. At the household sewage treatment aims to reduce the organic content of the existing nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus as well. Decomposition of organic materials was carried out by living things use oxygen and do not use oxygen.

In the waste water treatment plant on the decomposition of organic materials using oxygen will be assisted by microorganisms and activated sludge. So as to produce CO2, water vapor, and excess sludge. While on the decomposition of organic material without using oxygen to produce biogas, water vapor, and excess sludge.

Waste water treatment plant with tertiary treatment is aimed to remove nutrients and nutrient elements, and also add chlorine to destroy microorganisms. That's about the waste water treatment plant.

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Thank you for sharing. Nutrient removal is becoming a growing challenge for operators of anaerobic digestors at cattle and dairy farms. Removal of nutrients in wastewater is costly.

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Good post! Thanks for sharing this information I appreciate it. God bless!

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