Waste water treatment

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Before I discuss the waste water treatment, then I first discuss the waste water. Do you know what is meant by liquid waste? Liquid waste is a contaminant in the form of liquid into the water intentionally or unintentionally which may affect the water quality. The water was polluted by sewage, the water will become very dirty particularly dangerous for consumption.

Liquid waste is waste that we most often encounter. The issue of waste that pollute the water was relentless to talk about. These liquid wastes can originate from various sources, such as:

a. Factory
b. Industry
c. Household

and many more that cause water polluted by sewage.

Did you dispose of this waste is highly detrimental to our own as human beings, animals and plants, as well as the environment. If we waste a lot of waste haphazardly then do not blame nature if there was a flood. Why? Since this is a mistake made by the man himself. For that, the awareness not to dispose of waste is necessary.

The liquid waste is usually dumped in rivers, ditches, trenches, or even sea. Did you know this liquid wastes can pollute the clean water which is normally used by humans every day.

Here's how to handle the waste water treatment.

In the early stages you perform on instruments of protection in the waste water treatment installations. You are here will do the screening, the destruction or separation of water from particles that can damage the equipment of waste water treatment plant.

Then as the second stage you do remove solid particles of organic or an organic using physical processes, for example by sedimentation and flotation. So that precipitation will occur on the solid particles.

After that, enter the three stages of microorganisms to remove organic material that still exists is contained in the waste water.

Then the fourth stage is that you have to eliminate disease-causing organisms in water. You can do it with chlorine or UV rays.

Whereas in the late stages of the fifth stage which is a waste water treatment is to make the composition of waste water with your will.

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