Waste water treatment chemical

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Waste water treatment are carried out chemical, biological, and others. And once I discuss the waste water treatment chemical. In chemically treating waste water is adding chemicals that bind to pollutants and then separate them. Turbidity in the waste water can also be eliminated. Only with the addition of coagulants or affixing a type called flocculants.

Materials used for flocculants namely alum, ferrous sulfate, ammonium chloride poly. In waste water treatment the important thing is the type and amount of pollutants in the production process.

In the process of coagulation in waste water treatment has three stages, namely:

a. Form a sediment core

At this stage coagulant merge with pollutants in waste water. To do the merge, the need for stirring and pH regulation of waste.

b. flocculation

This stage occurs so that the sediment core combine into larger molecules and do a slow stirring with a speed of 40-50 rpm up to 15-30 minutes. To form a flock faster is by adding polyelectrolytes.

c. This stage is to separate the liquid phase with flock flock separation by flotation or sedimentation. When the flock is formed from precipitation can use klarifier but if the flock is formed from the floatation can use air bubbles. Klarifier serves as a place separate from the liquid flock.

That's waste water treatment. I hope that is useful for those who read it.

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