what is activated carbon

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What is activated carbon? Activated carbon, known as activated charcoal is a type of carbon that has such a large surface area. This can be achieved by enabling the activated carbon.

One gram of activated carbon to obtain a material which has a surface area of ​​approximately 500 m² that obtained from nitrogen adsorption and gas.

Here I tell you, any usefulness of activated carbon are:

Activated carbon is the first function is as a useful filter to purify water. This is usually done on a water refill depots, which are placed on the filter tube so that the water is clean, clear, d an odorless.

Activated carbon with a second function is to serve as a gas purification. For instance we use gas cylinders in the house for cooking it in if using carbon.

Activated carbon with a third function is useful for pharmaceutical as well. This is because a lot of waste so that the liquid injection of liquid wastes must be in first if using activated carbon. Because the liquid waste is very dangerous if not on though by using activated carbon.

Activated carbon with the third function is useful in chemical plants. This is to filter the waste water so it does not harm the environment. Remember do not dispose of waste that is harmful to the environment without the process first.

Remember waste is very dangerous for the environment. Not only that, but also harmful to other living things. Humans can be harmed in this matter. This can cause the human source of clean water can be contaminated and make people have a shortage of clean water supply. In addition, many plants and animals will die.

That's about my article entitled what is activated carbon. May be useful for those of you who read my article about what is activated carbon.

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