What is ground water

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What is ground water - Water is a necessity which we desperately need. Especially at times like these, who remember that the longer the water is difficult to find and reserve a lot of water has become dry due to human activity that has been doing a lot of illegal logging so that no water supply in the soil.

We as humans should not be doing a lot of illegal logging is detrimental. There are so many losses that we get if the forest becomes bare. Imagine water that should still be clean we can, but due to a lot of bare woods, then back up water during the dry season did not exist.

It can be caused if we run into the forest to logging, it is no longer a backup of water as we experience the dry season. Many wild animals will also be hanging around, because the house is a place of residence so far gone. It is making a loss for us right? For that not to do illegal logging. Could actually do the logging, but must replace it with a new tree seedlings that did not happen as I mentioned earlier losses.

Regarding land, there is also known as ground water. Do you know what is ground water? Water also can we get from the soil. This occurs due to trees and other plants that can absorb water when it rains, flooding, or water anything past him. The root of the tree will automatically absorb. To that end, when the arrival of summer, known as the dry season, the lakes, rivers, and others do not experience drought. This is because the water is absorbed by trees and plants that make the water absorbed as a backup.

Mostly of us also use ground water. Groundwater can be used as a source of water for us. However, we must continue to cultivate and take care of the water is still good for us. This is because water is the source than the source of our life. Without water, living creatures will die.

Groundwater is water located beneath the ground surface. This water is also used people as the source.

Groundwater is divided into two, namely:

1. Groundwater preatis

Preatis groundwater is groundwater that is not far from the surface layer of impermeable soil and groundwater.

2. Artesian ground water

Artetis Groundwater is water which is very far from the surface soil. This type of water is very deep between two layers of waterproof.

That's about the ground water. Hopefully this article about what is ground water can be useful for you.

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