What is silica sand

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What is silica sand? Silica sand or quartz are the minerals of silica which is one of the optical crystal-forming minerals. Tetra hidron have one silicon atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms. It is an atomic structure of silica sand or that we are familiar with other silica. For example is Mg2SiO2 in MgSiO4 and SiO4 ions can be obtained four electrons from Mg atoms which gives one electron to the SiO4 units.

Thing of silica sand in a hexagonal arrangement which is comprised of tetra hiral derived silica formed at room temperature. However, at a temperature of 875 ° C the stability of the silica tetra hidral be changed. Silica has a low temperature in the call with quartz or that we are familiar with silica sand. While the minerals that have a very high temperature is cristobalite.

Silica or quartz sand that turned into trydnit require major changes in the composition of the crystals formed. Cristobalite will experience a change in structure with the better but that does not mean breaking. Trydnit has two meta-stable changes:

The first is when the temperature indicates the temperature of 117 ° C and demonstrated at a temperature of 163 ° C which is the inverse fast that can affect the phase of silica as an ingredient known as a fire or refrelatory with under conditions of rapid temperature changes.

Usually quartz sand used in:

1. cement industry
2. glass industry
3. casting steel
4. ceramic industry
5. water treatment

And many others. That's about my article about what is silica sand.

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