What is water pollution

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The more advanced science and technology, the more advanced waste generated as well. One of them, namely water pollution. What's the sense of pollution? Contamination or known by another name, that pollution is a substance, energy, or other components that could harm the environment caused by human activities or natural processes. While the causes of pollution that is what is called a pollutant. Pollutants can be expressed if the level exceeds the normal capacity and there at the time and place that is not appropriate.

Forms of pollutants are very diverse. For example, the form of dust, UV radiation, chemicals and others that can damage the environment. Water pollution is not a warm conversation again to talk about and also not a case that has just heard. This case is already the subject of conversation. Therefore, the need for self-awareness and care of each other between humans and the environment to minimize the things that will happen.

After that if you know what is meant by water pollution? Water pollution is the presence of substances, elements, and others which can pollute water and affect water quality that was originally not contaminated. This influence can be seen from the color, smell, and taste in water that has been be changed drastically compared with that has not been contaminated. If water is getting higher and pollutants affecting water quality will be difficult for the environment to regenerate.

Here are examples of pollutants include:

1. Phosphate: from detergents and arise when using artificial fertilizers in excess.

2. Nitrates and Nitrites: derived from the decay of organic material and the use of artificial fertilizers in excess.

3. Poliklorin biphenyls: derived from lubricating materials, plastic, and others.

4. Pesticide Residues Organiklorin: from spraying pesticides on crops.

5. Oil and Hydrocarbons: derived from oil leaks in the ship carrier and wheels.

And many more examples of pollutants that cause water pollution. Hopefully this article useful for those of you who have read it.

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