What is water pollution

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Water pollution is the introduction of intentionally or unintentionally danger substances that pollute water, thus decreasing the quality of the water itself. In addition, water pollution is very harmful to humans, the environment, animals and other plants that come affected.

Water pollution have a direct and no. For example, water pollution is the direct disposal of waste derived from plants, human waste, used water washing, and others. In addition, they are throwing into the ditch, river, ditch, and others. While water pollution is a contaminant that is not directly into the ground water due to water pollution from domestic sewage and industrial waste.

Water is a component of the environment are very important in life. So if the water is polluted it can be said of environmental pollution. So that the water pollution caused by the fluid used has entered into the waters such as rivers, lakes, etc. and this so that it can have an impact on the environment.

Water pollution can be overcome by some process. The process is the deposition process, chemical decomposition of organic materials, and others.

Here's my explanation on what is water pollution is about the process of overcoming water pollution, among others:

1. Deposition process is the solid particles that settle in the river water as a result of gravity.

2. This chemical process is the process of generating a stable compound and does not harm the environment. This is caused by oxidation and reduction reactions that exist in water compounds.

3. Decomposition of organic materials is a process that requires the organism and the dissolved oxygen.

How do you already understand how the contamination of water in my article in what is water pollution. You  surely already understand. So let us preserve and protect the water from all waste and rubbish and other things that can reduce the supply of clean water and have an impact on other living things.

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