Bacteria in water

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Bacteria in water can be removed by disinfection. Disinfection or eliminate germs from drinking water is very important to do before the water is drunk or consumed by us. The water that we get from the well, a simple screening results, or other sources may look clear, tasteless and odorless, but it does not indicate that the water is clean from germs.

There are various ways to disinfect or eliminate germs from the water to be consumed. Learn as follows:

1. Heating or cooking water

Bacteria in water can be removed by heating. Pasteurization on the water to be consumed can be done by heating the water at a temperature of 55 º C - 60 º C for ten minutes. This will kill most pathogens present in water. However this method is not effective, because we almost impossible at any time can monitor the water we reheat what was in the pasteurization temperature or not.

Another way is more effective and has often we do is cook or boil the water that we will consume up to a boil. This method is very effective in killing all pathogens present in water such as viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and protozoa. The length of time it takes to boil water is about 5 minutes, but much longer time would be better, recommended for 20 minutes.

Although easy and often we use, the main obstacle in the cooking water to a boil this is the fuel, be it wood, coal briquettes, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas or other fuels.

2. Radiation and Heating Using Sunlight

Bacteria in water can be eliminated by using radiation. The process of ultra violet and radiation heating water using the sun's rays can be done with the help of transparent bottles or metal containers. Transparent bottles which are commonly used plastic bottles. Glass bottles can be used but has a weakness to break easily, is more severe and takes longer to warm up. Therefore use glass bottles that can be penetrated by ultraviolet light.

To anticipate the dangers of using plastic, you should use a plastic bottle recycling logo with the number 1 or PET (polyethylene terephthalate), or better yet if you have a bottle numbered 5 or PP (polypropylene). Further information on the type of plastic you can see to number types of recycled plastics.

To speed up the process transparent to radiation and heating the bottle is painted black on one side (50% of the surface of the bottle) or placed on the surface of dark-colored medium that can collect and cause heat radiation. In such conditions, after placed for several hours (5-6 hours for sunny conditions) of water in the bottle will be able to reach 55 º C (pasteurization temperature) so that pathogens present in water can be eliminated.

For better results, before it dried in the sun do the aeration process by first shaking the bottle after bottle was placed on a metal surface such as a tin roof.

3. Water Lime Juice

Bacteria in water can be eliminated by using lemon juice. This method is effective to cope with the cholera virus. By adding lemon juice until it reaches 1-5% of water consumed would be able to lower the water pH below 4.5. At this stage of cholera virus can be reduced up to nearly 100%. Also from the research results, cholera virus growth in rice can be arrested by using lemon juice during cooking.

The weakness of this method is a mixture of water if too much lime juice will be able to change the taste of water. That's all I think about bacteria in water which can be eliminated by a variety of ways that I mentioned above.

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