Calcareous water can be overcome

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Calcareous water can be overcome. Does your home have water containing lime? What is your solution to solve it? What technology do you use to solve it? Whether powerful or not?

Disorders that occur due to consumption of lime water

If our water contains lime, then many diseases that can affect our bodies. Here I tell you what disorder that can cause health problems.

As for biological hazards due to consumption of lime water. Biological hazards can cause health problems such as:

1. Diarrhea
2. Worm infections
3. Dysentery (both amoebic and bacterial)
4. Cholera
5. Stomach problems
6. Typhoid
7. Jaundice

In addition, there are also chemical hazards that may result if the drinking water of lime. Chemical hazards can cause health problems as follows:

1. Dermatitis
2. Intestinal disorders
3. Liver disorders, bone and blood circulatory system, birth anomalies
4. Anemia, damage to bone marrow, leukemia
5. Central nervous system damage
6. Carcinogenic problem.

Here I also give examples of incidents of calcareous water. Here's an example.

There is such a roll machine plastic factory which looks white crust that interferes with the production process of plastic. This would have resulted in losses as a result.

Try to imagine what would happen if in the bathroom when you are filled with a white crust. This is sure to give the impression the impression diminished aesthetic values that exist in our bathroom, right? Also troublesome is when you're washing, washing water will be difficult to foam. Why is that? This can lead to waste of soap in the household.

So if there is such events above, then your water means including calcareous water. It is based on the above events are included high contains lime. This lime water will mix with the soap so that it can Formatting Scum clots that is difficult to remove. Moreover, it also can damage the pipes and valves and other furnishings that exist in your home.

So, whether it's lime water?

Calcareous water is water that has a very high mineral content. The main mineral in lime water is composed of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and metals cation. Minerals are dissolved in water as bicarbonate compound (CaCO3) or sulfate (CaSO4). Solutions to reduce the high lime content is the addition of cal soft whose numbers must be adjusted with a high content of lime in the water.

Cal soft works by using the principle of cation or ion exchange. These ions are present in the mineral lime as calcium and magnesium are exchanged with calcium ions from cal soft sodium or so that your water does not contain calcium ions or magnesium ions which can cause more calcareous. So to keep it functioning properly, should have generated cal soft regularly or periodically with certain ingredients such as sodium chloride.

So the lime can be overcome. Solutions to overcome the calcareous water using only the hydro water filters.

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