Choosing a water pump

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Choosing a water pump - Many types of household pumps that circulate in the market, to be able to choose the right water pump is actually not too difficult. The important thing is you have accurate information before purchasing. Without such information is not you who were confused, pump shop would be confused choosing the right pump for you. In this article we will explain what information is needed, and based on that information what kind of pump you can use.

Choosing a water pump: know is the type of water source

The most important information you should know is the type of water source, whether it comes from drilled wells, dug wells, water reservoirs? After that you need to know how deep the water surface water sources, especially during the dry season. Information on the depth of the water surface is often wrong, because according to our experience that the consumer is often given by the depth of the well. The depth of the well of course different from the depth of the water surface. To be sure the depth of the wells must be deeper than the depth of the water surface. The depth of the water surface is the distance from the water surface down to the water pump in a vertical. To determine the depth of the water surface, usually you just ask her holer. Usually they have the experience to know how deep the water on your premises. If the water source will you use is a source of water that long, you can measure yourself by entering the water levels are tied with thread spikes. You must buy and pull the rope, until at a certain height nail is wet.

At the water pump specification information, you can compare the depth of the water surface with the suction power of information. But you can not be 100% sticking with the suction power of information, because generally the standard used by manufacturers of water pumps is maximum depth of the water surface where water can be sucked. Maximum is not necessarily optimal, since the maximum suction power, so you only get a 1 liter of water, within 1 hour. We think this is very inefficient. Therefore, here we will try to convey the water surface is optimal or maximum feasible use for each type of water pump. Thus you have an idea of ​​what the right type of pump.

Choosing a water pump: manual or automatic type?

Choosing a water pump where the water surface when the depth is less than 7 feet, then you can just use a shallow well pumps. This type of shallow well water pump here can be manual or automatic type, with electrical power 125 watts or 200 watts. In shallow well water pump power greater suction power does not mean getting in, because in this type of pump suction optimally only to about 7 meters. With 200 watts of power, water capacity, in terms of volume of water released by the pump per hour, greater than 125 watts. At the water pump specification information, the average suction power producers include 9 feet, but when the depth of the water surface water source you between 7 to 9 feet, we do not recommend you use this type of pump. Exceptions to pump shallow wells brands Shimizu type PS-226 and PS-230 Bit Bit, in our experience, this type of pump Shimizu optimally capable of sucking up to a depth of 8 meters. Some builders pump, also can advise you to hang a water pump in the well (if the manifold wells dug wells), to pursue the depth of the water surface, so that you can save without having to buy a water pump type is higher and certainly more expensive. But you have to look at, whether the depth of the well water level in the wet season and dry season is much different? Because do not let the rainy season, water levels can soak your water pump, which ended up damaging your water pump.

When the depth of the surface of your water sources ranged from 7 to 9 feet, we recommend you to use a shallow well water pump type semi-jet pump. Suction power specification information from manufacturers generally include 11 meters. But the semi-jet pump pump more optimal for use on the water surface elevation of up to 9 meters. This applies to pump-power semi-jet pump 100 watts or 250 watts. Like the shallow well water pumps, electric power greater suction power does not mean the deeper, but a larger suction power has thrust greater and greater water capacity as well. Semi-jet pump pumps rarely hung in the well, because generally too heavy, so it is very risky to fall.

When the depth of surface water sources are more than 9 meters, then you should use a pump type water jet pump. By using this type of water pump, the wells must have a minimum diameter of 4, so Ventury jets can enter into the well. Unlike the shallow well pump and semi-jet pump, the pump of this type, the larger watt has more suction power in anyway. But still the pump specification information from the manufacturer can not be your benchmark in determining the pump with the proper electrical power.

Choosing a water pump: If depths of up to 12 meters

Choosing a water pump where the water surface to depths of up to 12 meters, you can use a jet pump pump-power 125 Watt or 150 Watt. Pump-power jet pump this small, currently including the hard to find in the market and is only produced by the two brands, the brands Panasonic (GN-125H, 125 Watt) and Shimuzu (BIT PC150, 150 Watt). On information from the product specification of this type of pump manufacturers generally said to have the suction power of up to 15 meters. For surface water depths of more than 12 meters there is a standard benchmark that is generally already known to the artisan shops or the pump, namely: maximum depth of 15 meters is optimal for pump jet pump 250 Watt or 300 Watt, 18 meters to the power 375 Watt, and 20 meters for a 500 Watt power. More than a benchmark is generally the capacity of the water coming out of the water pump is not optimal for the use of simple household once. Do not be fooled by the suction power specification information from manufacturers, which generally include 30 meters to pump jet pump power 250 Watt or 300 Watt, 40 meters to 375 Watt power, and 50 meters to 500 Watt power.

Standard or benchmark over the same can be said for all the brands, so helpless in the water pump but more expensive, does not mean having a better suction. Price differences in each model, more on the quality of the motor windings, which affects short-term pump life, quality of material body, motor and electronic components as well as after-sales service.

If you have the depth of the water surface exceeds 20 meters, you are strongly advised to use a submersible water pump manifold. For other types of submersible pumps are suitable based on the surface of the water, we will explain later.

Other information is up to altitude, the water will be distributed. Driving force is also influenced by how much depth suction it. Shorter suction power, power push her farther away. When using a jet pump jet pump or semi with optimum suction power in accordance with the above standards, you should use a water reservoir near the pump. So you need to use two pumps, one pump to suck from the wells, the pump again to suck from shelter to shelter over or to direct the use. Unless you use a pump is only for one floor with water 1 to 2 points only.

Other information you need to know is how much electrical power capacity of your home, because the pump power at start always 2 times the normal electric power. For example, shallow well water pumps 125 watts of electrical power, at the start need the electrical power 250 watts. If your home has only 450 watts of electrical power, you can not use a jet pump pump pump or semi-jet pump 250 Watt power up. If your house 900 watts power, you can use a jet pump up to 375 Watt, but may be considered to increase your 1300 watts of electrical power, because when combined with other electrical and electronic devices may be less. What to consider when you choose to use a jet pump pump power of 500 watts. Because of this special type of power is required at the start is 3 times the normal power, so be 1500 watts. Therefore to be able to use this pump, electric power capacity in your home have a minimum of 2200 watts of power. There are several brands that the pump remains alive even though you 1300 watts of electrical power, but generally suction power has been further reduced, so we still recommend you have a power capacity of 2200 watts.

Choosing a water pump: Choose the brands

The latest information you need is of course your budget. Because this affects what brand to buy. Need we emphasize once again the standard suction above, we can say the same for all brands, whether it is the cheapest class brands such as Pompe, Airlux, and others, brands such intermediate Shimizu, Wasser, Panasonic, DAB, DABAQUA, MULTIPRO, and other -Other, even upscale brands such as Grundfos, Pentax, Pedrolo, Sanyo, Hitachi. So choosing the appropriate brand depends on the budget as well as brand preferences you have.

Hopefully this information can help you to choose the right water pump. Once again congratulations choose a shop in a water pump.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. My husband and I are looking for a new water pump but weren't exactly sure where to start. The last one we got from his father didn't work as well as it probably should have. Now we have something to base it off of. PFC Equipment sells pumps and that is where we are going to start.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you talked about how the type of well will affect your decision. Iv'e been looking for a drill well pump and didn't know where to start. I'll be sure to look at these factors when searching for a pump, thanks!

Callum Palmer said...

There really is a lot that has to be taken into consideration when choosing a proper water pump. I particularly like that one of the decisions the article encourages making is about automatic vs. manual. After all, while a manual pump may allow you more control, an automatic one is much easier to operate.

Mike Bacher said...

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Mike Bacher said...

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Callum Palmer said...

These are some pretty good points; after all, there are a surprising number of things that you need to look into when choosing a water pump. I particularly like that the article brings up the choice between a manual or automatic. If you're planning to be using a lot of water than you might just want an automatic one to handle most of the pumping for you.

Mike Bacher said...

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Darling Pumps said...

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