Cold water or warm water

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Cold water or warm water? In the air is very hot, certainly throat feels fixed and thirst could not bear came and whack. A glass of refreshing cold drinks will certainly hit us with thirst. But, wait!

In your opinion what is your opinion about that cold drinks can be refreshing for us who are thirsty in the very hot air? Does cold water is the right thing we do or we are better to drink warm water?

Some say warm water is the right thing selected when you feel thirsty in the air is very hot. Why? Do not even feel strange in the air warm and hot drinking water instead chose to drink cold water? This is because the warm water very quickly to relieve thirsty we feel. It is faster than the thirst cope with cold water we drink. If we drink cold water, we will surely feel satisfied and will not drink again and again.

However, there is also the opinion that some say juice and beer was also felt useful in relieving thirst that plagued us. While on the other hand there who believe that cold water is the ideal solution. How very confusing is not it?

To be sure is to try everything cold water or warm water. Conducted experiments on several people who were exercise in air temperature 30oC for 30 minutes. When nominally all feeling tired and thirsty and will want to drink, then some people are given a different drink. They were given cold water and warm water.

After a few minutes about 10 minutes, they are asked whether they were still thirsty. Among those who got a drink of cold water only one person who was still thirsty. However, all of which drinking water is still warm feel thirsty. So it can be said to drink cold water is one solution to eliminate thirst. Why can this happen?

This is because the circumstances in which the water at an interval of time taken until absorbed by the body will adjust its temperature to body temperature by absorbing or heat to the surrounding member. Cold water will absorb heat from the body including the esophagus through which we are making it feel cooler. One more thing we need to know the cold water will quickly pass through the stomach and into the intestine. Meanwhile, warm water retained in the stomach. In fact, the water will be absorbed into the body through the intestine. This is what allows the body's need for water more quickly fulfilled by cold water.

However, why the parents had not advised to drink cold drinks? Cold water with rapid absorption often creates a very strong stimulus for the sudden and digestion. In people with less healthy digestion can cause abdominal pain, even diarrhea. Therefore, if we want the water can be quickly absorbed by the body grab a cold drink, and if we want to warm the stomach and soothe digestion we then take a warm drink. Drink warm or cold, we adjust to the needs and condition of the body.

In addition, cold water was potentially lead to heart attacks. The people of China and Japan the practice of drinking hot tea instead of water while eating and ES. Perhaps the time has come we imitate the habit of drinking hot / warm while enjoying the meal. If however, water ice will freeze the fat in a new oily foods we eat and slow down our digestive process. When in the gut, these fats will narrow many channels. In addition, after a long time so the fat will accumulate excess body fat and cause various diseases other than heart disease.

Water or something else?

Are all cold beverages that we consume can have similar effects to our bodies? In the absorption of heat (cooling effect) are generally similar, but there are other impacts to consider. For instance juice, especially the carbohydrate content of sugar is quite high. To break it needed vitamin B. Research shows that the more juice is consumed progressively down the availability of vitamin B1 in the body. In addition, juices that contain lots of sugar will give a sense of satiety (appetite eliminate), whereas vitamin B1 obtained from the daily food intake. As a result, our bodies will lack vitamin B1 which is characterized by the body less powerful and rapid fatigue.

What about the beer (no alcohol though)? Generally after some time after drinking beer, people tend to urinate more than the amount of water in the beer they drink. As a result, water from the body more that comes out. Reportedly there are certain substances in beer that can stimulate people to urinate.

Drink warm or cold water can be tailored to the needs and condition of the body. But the absolute necessity for us to choose a guaranteed quality water clean and healthy. Hydro Reverse Osmosis with 5 stage filtration is present to meet the needs of clean water and healthy. Drinking water system has been used by many households. You are not using? Try it and see for yourself!! To obtain warm water or cold water quality.

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