Conserve water usage for household

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Conserve water usage for household - Although for some clean water in rural areas becomes a major problem, generally for the people who live in the village clean water is usually not a big problem, although for some of them, which is due to environmental factors instead of clean water into the biggest problem must be faced.

Ironic for most of us, saving water consumption actually done when the water began to feel our hard-earned.
Actually there are many easy and simple to apply and use in our daily lives to conserve water usage, including:

1. Conserve water while bathing

Conserve water usage
can be done when we showered with water save when we were in the shower. If you have a shower, use effectively and efficiently. Use shower can save water when compared to using a scoop / dipper of water.

If you're brushing your teeth, do not let the faucet in the open. Use a bucket to collect water from the tap, after full and then turn off the flow so that water is not wasted.
If you are washing your hair, before the final rinse give soap your body first. So that water from the rinse / spray on the hair can be used to clean the foam soap your body attached.

2. Conserve water when bathing pets

If you frequently watered garden / lawn, then bathe your animal on the grass so that while bathing the animals, your plants well watered. Or you can use the conventional way, bathe your pet in the river or the sea when close to your home.

3. Conserve water when washing the dirt

Use a broom, sponge, cloth or other cleaning tools that dirt can be reduced as much as possible.

Use a sponge / cloth with a little water and soap first. This is done so that the dirt attached to the sponge / cloth you use. After that just use water to rinse.

4. Conserve water when washing goods

If you wash dishes, Give soap first of all plates, glasses or cutlery. After that use the tub / bucket for rinsing. Use running water for final rinse or if you feel the laundry is still dirty. When a car or motorcycle that you want to wash too dirty, maybe you should consider using a professional washerwoman.

5. Conserve water when washing clothes

The easiest way is to separate dirty clothes or grouping according to the dirt and specificity. Use a water rinse for clothes at least droppings level first. For garments with special materials, consider using a laundry service.

6. Conserve water when washing hands

Conserve water usage when washing can be done by hand. Do it just like when brushing your teeth. Generally when we wash our hands with soap and let the water flowing from the taps. Therefore, when it was first put on the soap off the flow of water from the tap. Turn back the flow of water when we are ready to rinse our hands.

7. Save water when watering the plants

Flush your plants in the morning or evening. At that time, the water will be more rapidly absorbed soil, and minimize the possibility of evaporation of water. Or you could also bathe the pet with you (see point 2). For the savings you can use the washing water used for watering plants. Or even you could also accommodate the rain water for watering your plants. But be careful / vigilant against diseases caused by mosquitoes.

8. Conserve water when in public toilets

When the general on toilet often we feel that we will pay the operating costs toilet, so you may not be saving water, or even not infrequently we often forget to close the tap water. By keeping public toilets clean, we will also save on water usage for clean public toilets.

9. Conserve water by making use of savings products

Use a good, effective and efficient of all goods and services of your daily needs like food, clothing, cars, motorcycles, typing services, and so forth. With the use of good, effective and efficient it is in fact indirectly you have helped to reduce water consumption when the product or service is made.

Saving water consumption not only affects us economically, but also help save energy and for a very long one can maintain the survival of mankind and the earth which we love.

Act locally, impact globally. Let's do conserve water usage from now on!

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