Drinking water refill safely

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Drinking water is a basic and vital needs. In many cities have built a lot of drinking water refill depot. Spread evenly in a few street corners in the trajectory even in a small alley in a crowded area. An economic populist ideals. Economic activities undertaken by the people to serve the needs of people with the power of relatively simple skills. With the use of drinking water with a tube in addition to easy and practical to be slightly raised pristise appearance in a domestic life. As well as prestige in an environmental area, as an indication of economic activity advanced slightly, as the activities of photocopiers, phone shop, restaurant / restaurants, motor vehicle workshop, clinic / health care, transportation lines and so forth.

When the activity of providing drinking water refill is viewed from the economic aspect, at least give learning and improvement of people's creativity in meeting their basic needs. Large customers, daily needs, easy to reach and competitive to meet the needs of the entire family. Besides this economic stretching also boost other economic activities follow. Thus, it can be accounted for (although not spectacular) in the alleviation of poverty and unemployment. For stretching and grow and increase its role, it needs good coaching and supervision for the sake of survival and success of businesses and the protection of consumers. Survival and success of businesses there are several factors to consider are:

(1) raw water sources, should be available both in quantity and quality, and does not interfere with the sustainability of water resources and do not damage ecosystem, (2) treatment processes, equipment must meet the minimum specifications to be able to process the raw water that produces a ready to drink water that is eligible drinking-water requirement of physical conditions, chemical and bacteriological. (3) Based and compliance with laws and regulations are clear.

Raw water sources, not arbitrary, derived from various sources such as ground water is from springs (mountains), Underground River, and drill wells, which are protected, surface water such as lake water, river water, sea water and icebergs. Raw water must meet the requirements both physical structure, chemical and bacteriological. Raw water sources must be maintained and preserved its sustainability (remember the tragedy of deforestation). Undisturbed ecosystems, not only seen from the hydrological system alone but life in identities system, including impacts and social conflicts.

Public perception or the market, drinking water refill depot this is raw water comes from mountain springs that meet the health requirements that it feels fresh, cold, odorless, colorless, low-normal pH and TDS. In fact not the case, the raw water can be drawn from various sources as mentioned above. Ground water, have certain characteristics and difference one another. Can contain minerals or salts are quite high due to the influence of the layer and the rock below the soil through which groundwater. While the surface water quality is greatly influenced by environmental conditions and human behavior and sanitary surroundings. And quality of water ready to drink still depends also on several other factors.

In the process, the equipment must function properly, able to process raw water to reduce the physical content of the particles, chemical that are too high and kill microorganism dangerous, so the production of eligible drinking water ready. In addition to quality equipment, also depending on ability and obedience personnel who operate the equipment including the attitudes and behavior of clean and healthy. Personnel who operate and the handling of processed products that do not behave in a clean and healthy can contaminate processed.

Regulations and legislation that already exists related to these activities be effected as soon as regulations legislation on water quality monitoring, coaching and supervision of small industries or households, banks in support of business. Regulations and legislation that have not been there but it is considered important should immediately be compiled and published both at central and regional levels in the form of local regulations. If you learn to developed countries, the majority of businesses Drinking Water Recharging does not have a place and support. Why? In simple answer is a business competition. Or a weak economy and democracy will lose with a strong economy that is much less capitalistic.

Government in this regard should immediately intervene in the sense of encouraging these twisted people's economy through several aspects. One is to foster and control aspects of product quality. That's about drinking water refill safely.

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