Easy way to filter water

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Easy Ways to filter water - When the water belongs to us coming out of the faucet cloudy or yellowish in color we can still make it clear. There are actually very simple ways, we just do not realize it. The easiest way to filter turbid water in order to be clear is to use cotton cloth. The thicker cotton fabric is used, the better the quality of the water. The concept is you can see in the picture below:

So after the water out of your tap water filtered with cotton cloth. Can you tie a cloth on the faucet itself, or pouring water into a small tube containing the fabric.

Easy Ways to filter water in practice, the first filter the water first using a small tube containing the sponge (sponge) before the water is inserted into the torn / container vessel. The highly effective way to produce clear water when compared with the raw water turbid / dirty. But the structure of the sponge is a chemical that could have come late particles in filtered water. Making it safer to use fabrics made from raw cotton from the cotton.

Tips filter the water with a cotton cloth

In addition to the thickness of cotton cloth, clarity of filtered water is also determined by the speed / flow of water is filtered. By reducing the flow of water out of the water quality screening results will be better.

How very easy not to do? Good luck easy way to filter this water.

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