Effects of manganese for intelligence of children

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Effects of manganese for intelligence of children - The amount of manganese which is a heavy metal that is often found in drinking water throughout the world are exaggerated very badly for children because it would interfere with their intelligence. Thus the results of studies of Canadian researchers.

The research team found that children exposed to manganese in high numbers, the function of intelligence are worse than children who are exposed to manganese in fewer levels.

Effects of manganese to the findings published journal Environmental Health Perspectives that emphasize the importance of the September issue new recommendations regarding safe levels of manganese in drinking water. Researchers also recommend that every household has a water filter to reduce the concentration of manganese.

According to experts a healthy lifestyle tend to be aged longer than other Asian women who are also diving a healthier lifestyle.

Research studies that collect data to monitor more than 71 thousand Chinese women who are not smoking and not drinking alcohol aged 40-70 years between the years 1996-2000. From that data, the researchers then made the score a healthy lifestyle. Score it involves 5 parameters, ie weight, abdominal circumference, regular physical exercise, exposure to secondhand smoke, and next to some and fruit intake.

The result, women with healthier lifestyles, higher scores than women with less healthy lifestyles.

So you try to consume water by using water filters. This is due to heavy metals remaining in the water can be lost. That is my explanation of the effects of manganese.

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