Filtering water in the koi pond

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Filtering water in the koi pond. There are many ways to clean water in koi ponds, each of which way it can be done simultaneously or separately as needed. As for how, or techniques to clean the pool include:

1. Using the drain

Filtering water using the drain. To clean the leaves or debris that's fallen into a koi pond, can be used drain. Drain which was given with rather long stalks of bamboo or wood, allowing us to reach all areas of the pond.

Making materials usually drain a little trillion fabric absorbs water. Small-eyed drain can also be used to clean the dirty-water form bubbles on the surface of the water. In addition residual sewage sludge is not wasted moss will usually float to the surface water. All of these impurities can be overcome with a drain. Do not miss the well if there are fish that died (hopefully not) be taken with a drain.

2. Siphon system

Filtering water using a siphon system. Siphon system is a way or method that can be widely used. One practical way to use an ordinary plastic tubing to deliver water from the faucet. Provide a hose long enough, about 5 feet when the pool was narrow, and 10 feet wide when the pond.

This method uses elevation system. So the dirt and water is sucked out through the hose together.

End of the hose is inserted into the water after the other until the other end. When she first entered the tip, tip guard Do not let this come to the surface water, so that all parts of the hose filled with water and no air bubbles enter a stray. After all hose filled with water, pull one end of the hose and cap with the thumb so that the water remains in the hose. Once this end we take it to a lower place, the water in the pond easily flow out.

End of the hose that was in the pool placed on the dirty part. For facilitate the work of us, end of hose that was in the pool can be given a stalk. Thus, from outside the pool we can "carry" slang to find the dirty parts. This method is very practical to remove the impurities that had crept.

3. Water pressure system

Filtering water in a koi pond with a water pressure system. Water pressure systems utilizing the principle of one chiffon, only the pool must be equipped with a hole at its center. Every pool should be equipped with this hole. Holes can be made by installing a pipe pralon by 1 or 2 inches. Pralon hole is connected with the pre-lon is rather long on the outside of the pool.

If you want to clean the pool, next to the hole pralon must be connected with a hose, in charge of looking for dirt. At the time not used, the hole was closed with a short pralon faced upward. This way will enable us to clean up any dirt we want, without worry one day we forgot to close the swimming hole so that the pool will not be drought.

4. An improved siphon system

In addition, it can also filter the water in a koi pond with an improved siphon system. Another way to clean water is to use the principle of the siphon system combined with a water pressure system. Building disposal of pralon door wide on its upper part and narrow lower part. Dirty water at the bottom of the pool will be out because of water pressure coming through the door of the water inlet. In this way we can dispose of dead water on the bottom as well as impurities that had crept in the bottom.

In this way we can dump the water every morning, once a day when the fish are not active. With sewerage and die on a regular basis every day at least we can contribute to maintaining fish health.

5. Pump system

If we have a pond filled with koi, of course not possible for us to release water freely. However do not small, now on the market already widely available small pump that can help us overcome this difficulty. These pumps are dead besides removing water and impurities, can also be used to increase the aeration in the pond. It certainly could be linked if the pool was equipped with a rock waterfall, and is used to rotate the water pump from the pond into the filter unit and taken up a new exit from the top.

If the pump is only used as a means to clean water, should be operated in the morning. In the morning, still dirt settle to the bottom of the pond and the fish have not been so active, making it easier for our work. During the day when the temperature has gone up, the dirt in the bottom of the pond will rise and make it difficult when aspirated pump. Much more dirt that has been floating pecans when touched.

6. Water circulation system

The most advanced way of effective and efficient way to clean the pool water is the water circulation system. By building a mini-ring filtering units in the pool, either by building permanent or fiberglass tub, the water from the pool is raised, and after passing through the filter unit water back into the pool is clean. Inside the unit rated foam filter to prevent impurities so as not entrained water. The foam should be washed every 2 or 3 days. In this way the work of cleaning water to be practical and do not require much effort and money.

That's about filtering water in the koi pond, please select one of them!

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