Fluoride in water

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Fluoride in water. There are a number of research studies show that many of the recognized benefits of fluoride in dental health more than they imagined than real. But my main concern, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake.

Effects of fluoride on health


But this body work is not considered by the York when they send a change of research on health effects of fluoride in the water for research on the effects of fluoride on health. It is clear that it was not considered by the BMA (British Medical Association), British Dental Association (BDA), BFS (British Society fluoridation), and FPHM (Faculty for Public Health and Medicine) / (School of Public Health and Medicine) since they all insists, such as briefings to lawmakers in the newspaper about fluoridation (affixing of fluoride in drinking water) are safe and not harmful to health.

Fluoride in water

Fluoride in water. This is a public disgrace, I will now examine the damage review of fluoridation, with special reference to thyroid disease (thyroid).

It has been known since the end of the 19th century that some people, particularly in Argentina, India and Turkey are suffering from chronic diseases (remains unchanged), with premature aging, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility, and are responsible for high levels fluoride in natural water. Not only is it clear that the fluoride was having a general effect on public health, but in the early 1920s Goldenberg, working in Argentina showed that fluoride was replaced iodine; so that damage to the compound also gives the community hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiency symptoms) of iodine deficiency ( nonmetallic chemical element, shaped crystals, used for medicine in photography).

Fluoride very damaging to thyroid gland

Fluoride in water can damage the thyroid gland. This is the basis of research in the month of May 1930 by Litzka and Gorlitzer von Mundy, who is used to treat thyroid disease with fluoride preparations are too active. Their patients either drank fluoridated water, swallowed drugs fluoride or washed with water containing fluoride, and as a result of thyroid function for those very sad. In 1937 the use of fluorotyrosine for this purpose showed how effective this treatment, but effectiveness is difficult to predict and many patients suffered total thyroid loss. So given a new role and got a new name, Pardinon. It was marketed not for over-active thyroid disease but as a pesticide. (Note the IG Farben factory fluorotyrosine is also made filter gas, a gas used in World War II).

Pieces of history illustrates the fact that fluoride is dangerous in general and in particular highly damaging the thyroid gland, an item that will be generated. While it is unlikely that it will argue that fluoride is toxic. Let us always remind you that the poison list into two, the level of toxicity caused disputes the amount given in this context is the extent of damage caused by a given concentration in water supplies. While acknowledging the toxicity, proponents rely on the fact that it was dissolved and, therefore, might not otherwise have deleterious effects.

Fluoride: They Cannot Be More Wrong

To me it seems we should be aware that fluorides do damage. It is toxic enzymes. Enzymes are complex protein compounds that further speed up biological chemical reactions while they themselves remain unchanged. As we speak, will happen to us all a lot of reactions (activities) are likely to sustain life and maintain it to produce energy. Chain amino acid formula that forms a protein complex are linked by simple compounds called amides, and that this is the case with fluorine molecules react, splitting and change them, thus damaging the enzymes and their activities. Let say at once, this effect can occur at extraordinary low concentrations, even lower than one part per million which is the dilution proposed for fluoridation in our water supply.

Fluoride: Only Half a Body Can Reduce

In addition, fluorine (organic or an organic substance) are cumulative (added) and build continuously with the consumption of fluoride from all sources, which includes not only water but the air we breathe and the food we eat. The use of fluoride toothpaste in dental hygiene and tooth coating is a further source of substantial levels (large) fluoride intake. The body can only reduce half the amount of income, which means that the older you are the more fluoride will accumulate in your body. This means no allow if an aging population became the main target. And even worse for the very young as in baby formula there is a major element of risk is made with fluoridated water. Very small extreme sensitivity to fluoride toxicity makes this unacceptable. Because there are so many sources of fluoride in our everyday lives, it will prove impossible to maintain an average level of 1ppm as suggested. What is the result of effects of this poison?

Effect of fluoride in water

First the immune system. Deviations of protein structure causes the immune proteins to fail to recognize the body, thereby triggering an attack on them, ie autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are diseases of the body interfere with the process of thousands of people: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Asthma and Systemic Sclerosis are examples; but in the particular context today, thyroid antibodies will be produced which will cause Thyroiditis resulting in disease hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiency) generally, Hashimoto hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease (goiter).

Results Musculo damage the bones away from the enzyme toxic effect; tissue collagen (an adhesive protein found in bone and cartilage) of which the muscles, tendons (tendons), making the damaged joints and bones. Osteoporosis (brittle bones), arthritis (rheumatism) and deformation (shape change) of bone must be followed. Toxic effect extends to the ameloblasts making the enamel (hard enamel) teeth, which consequently weakened and then made brittle; and his appearance could be seen, of course, dental fluorosis.

Toxic effects of enzymes extends to our genes; DNA cannot repair itself, and chromosomes are damaged. Working at the University of Missouri showed genital damage, targeting ovaries (ovarian) and testes. Also affect the growth of uterine and fetal development, especially the nervous system. Increased incidence of syndrome (signs that occur simultaneously) down already documented.

Fluoride is mutagenic. That is, they can lead to proliferation (proliferation) is not under control of the cells we call cancer. This applies to cancer throughout the body but the bones are specifically chose a way out. The incidence of osteosarcoma in a research report in 1991 showed an increase of 50% outstanding. A report in 1955 in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a 400% increase in thyroid cancer in San Francisco during the period in their water fluoridated.

My special concern is the Effect of Fluoride On The thyroid gland

Perhaps I can remind you about thyroid disease. The thyroid gland produces hormones that control metabolism (the process of rotation) with the rate at which we burn our fuel. Deficiency is relatively common, far more than the usually accepted by the medical mid life is more likely. The disease is dangerous in onset (attack) and development. People become tired, cold, weight gain, depression, constipation, they suffer from arthritis, hair loss, infertility, atherosclerosis and chronic diseases. Unfortunately, this is under-diagnosed and managed by state doctors much less well in this regard.

What concerns me very deeply that in concentrations as low as 1ppm, fluorides damage the thyroid system on 4 levels.

1. Preparation of enzymes from thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland itself. The process by which iodine is attached to the amino acid tyrosine and converted to two significant thyroid hormones, thyroxin (T4) and liothyronine (T3), is slowed.

2. Stimulation of certain G proteins from the toxic effect of fluoride (whose function is to regulate the absorption of any substance into the body's cells), has a disabling effect on uptake into the cells of thyroid hormone.

3. Thyroid control mechanism can be compromised. Teroid is the result of stimulation of the pituitary gland hormone is inhibited by fluoride, thus reducing thyroid hormone production.

4. Fluoride compete for receptor sites (nerve endings that are sensitive to sensory stimuli) in the thyroid gland which respond to thyroid stimulating hormone; so much less of this hormone reaches the thyroid gland so less thyroid hormone is produced. These damaging effects, all of which occur with small concentrations of fluoride, has the effect of a clear and easily recognizable on thyroid status. Teroid hormones are flowing means sliding slowly into hypothyroidism. Incidence of hypothyroidism have increased as a result of toxins and other environmental pollutants with widespread malnutrition.

Fluoridation in the nation's water supply will do little for our dental health, but will have catastrophic effects on our general health. We cannot, must not, dare not, subject our nation to this terrible risk. So, let us remind once more fluoride in water is extremely hazardous to health, although good for dental health.

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