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Get clean water easily. Another simple method to obtain clean water is to do with water storage. In good conditions, storage of water for one day can turn off more than 50% of bacteria contained in water. With more than 48 hours of storage can also be deadly organisms called cercariae, which acts as intermediary bilharzias is (schistosomoasis) are common causes of disease from water. Also when the solids storage done and some pathogens that exist in the water will also settle to the bottom of the container. For water storage techniques can be used three methods of treatment pot system.

Get clean water easily, in three pot system the process of getting clean water is done by using three pieces container / pot, pot hereinafter named A, B and C. Every day, water is transferred from one container to another are carried out sequentially as shown in the figure below. The maximum displacement is only done 1 (one) times in one day.

(1) Water transferred from pot C to clean water storage containers.
(2) Water transferred from pot to pot B C.
(3) Water transferred from pot A to pot B.
(4) Water transferred from the source water to the pot A. When the charging process of the water should be filtered first by using a cotton cloth.

By using the method of three-pot system of water produced from pot C has been stored for at least 2 days (48 hours) so the number of germs would be much less than before. However before this water should be consumed through a disinfection process further in advance to ensure that the water is completely free of germs.

How very easy it's not the way to get clean water easily. So, good luck.

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