Get clean water flood

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Get clean water flood. While we were experiencing flooding, clean water is one of the main problems that must be faced by flood victims. Actually, the problem can be overcome or at least made to be lighter if we know how to deal with it.

1. Prepare food and bottled water

For just a precaution, you can / should anticipate an early start in store or have a supply of food and drinking water / fresh water, especially if your home is often affected by seasonal flooding.

2. Prepare equipment to make clean water

Get clean water to prepare the equipment to make clean water according to need or like a sieve sand / traditional, household bleaches that contains no fragrance, liquid iodine, chlorine, or other equipment for disinfectant purposes.

3. Prepare equipment and supplies for cooking in an emergency

Provide furnace / stove and a pot to boil water into clean drinking water or for cooking other food ingredients.

4. Having torn / drums / clean water tank at the place / location of the high

Create a place to supply clean water at a location high enough to be spared from the flood water pollution directly.

5. Fill in all the clean water supply to full

At the time estimated / began to appear early signs of flooding, fill all the places water supplies especially in the form that you have torn / drum / tank / water tank located on the top floor of your home or at a location high enough.

6. Use the jerry cans, buckets, plastic bags, or other containers to hold water

When the number of members of your family a lot, or if you feel less clean water supply or inadequate, use jerry cans, buckets or even a plastic bag to hold water.

7. Living in temporary

To ensure availability of supplies of food and beverages including water, you can stay while in the shelter and get a supply of clean water supplies are distributed by the government / party other aid to shelters - temporary or existing flood shelters. Generally better living there than in your home in an attic / floors that are not flooded.

8. Perform an effort to get clean water before your supply runs out

If you and or your family insisted on staying in your house (do not take refuge in shelters), then you should start looking for additional clean water clean water supply before you run out / thinning. You can create one by using equipment and supplies to create clean water, or by visiting the refugee / post flood.

9. Take advantage of rainwater or other water sources

Flooding generally occurs because of rain. If you cannot make / get clean water alone, try to take advantage of rain water. Although not as good as bottled water, but still better than water flooding.

How very easy it to do? Get clean water so that flood easily.

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