Get clean water with distillation

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Get clean water with distilled water which is produced from the distillation process is obtained by evaporation of the water path to the source / raw water. This method is effective to remove salt that causes the salty taste in water. There are two simple ways to make this water distillation equipment, which use the stove or using sunlight.

Stove-top is still a simple model for distillation equipment by using the stove. First of all stove heats the water that there is a pot. Warming will produce steam that will be used to heat a second pot containing the water source which will contain water. Heating at the second pot will also trigger the emergence of water vapor from the water source. Droplets of water vapor will be stuck can plastic membrane and eventually will fall on the clean water container located in the middle of the second pot. For more details see this under picture.

The second way is to use sunlight to generate steam. Grains of water vapors will then be stuck on the glass opaque. After the grain is increasing, then it will turn into droplets of water that will be retained by the trough / rain gutter that would direct the water droplets into a container for the storage of clean water. There are different how to to use sunlight is distillation which can be seen in the image below.

That's about the get clean water with distillation!

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