Ice floats on water

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Ice floats on water. You've certainly not seen the ice that was floating on the water. Surely you are wondering why do not you think this could happen.

In your opinion how can so the ice can float on water. Then how do you think if water or ice is lighter? The answer is that ice is lighter compared with water. Why so. The reason is why ice is lighter than water is the specific mass of ice that occurs emptier than when the same mass as water. This is related to hydrogen bonding.

Hydrogen bonding

Ice floating in the water caused by the existence of hydrogen bonding. Is that being included with the hydrogen bonding? Must have been because of this we have learned since we first entered high school. So, whether it is hydrogen bonding? Hydrogen bonding of water molecules which are composed of two atoms of hydrogen (H) and one atom of oxygen (O). Atoms of hydrogen and oxygen bonded by sharing their electrons from each other. These bonds are called covalent bonds.

However, because the oxygen atoms attract electrons more strongly than hydrogen atoms, oxygen atoms in water molecules slightly negative and slightly positive hydrogen atoms. So adjacent water molecules attracted to each other through oxygen atoms are slightly negative and hydrogen atoms are slightly more positive. This interaction is called hydrogen bonding. Hydrogen bonds are weaker than covalent bonds, however, the bond of this type have a big effect because propagated many hydrogen bonds.

The structure of ice and water

Ice has a diamond structure due to hydrogen bonding. Water does not have such a regular structure, water molecules approaching one another due to hydrogen bonding.

Look at the actual structure of ice and water. Red balls represent oxygen atoms and white balls represent hydrogen atoms.

There is more space in the ice than in water! This is why ice is lighter than water. Therefore ice can float on water.

How it was clear the reasons above. Must have been right? Thank you for reading my article on ice floating on water.

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