Meaning of water

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Water is a blessing and God's amazing gift to mankind, the water becomes the most important source of life. Gentle nature, but it contains forces is extraordinary. Water can make a key factor for every life in this world even the water is also very important role for inanimate objects, such as for example water unites a variety of building materials from harsh elements thereby forming a solid wall. But on the other side of the water can bring a super-powerful disaster like the tsunami that had occurred in Aceh in Indonesia. The water was awesome and incredible. It turned out that behind all the wisdom and the incident was caused by water as a result of our treatment of the water.

Meaning of water according to the results of the study, water was able to respond to the treatment given to him, either in the form of words, text or images and sounds. From the study also proved that water is a perfect hexagonal shape (hexagon) with a range of beautiful crystal ornaments that formed it. Hexagonal water is water that is very important for health because of the effect of its shape. This water acts as an antioxidant to scavenge free radicals H + and OH-.

Good treatment, such as giving a positive response to the water include providing prayers (mantras positive) will produce a beautiful hexagonal shape, and water that gets a positive response with a beautiful hexagonal shape of the wave energy has the potential to affect the human body so that water can serve as an alternative treatment to various health problems. Water that gets a positive response such as prayer and positive words when seen through the 100,000 s / d 1,000,000 times magnification under microscope it will show the form of crystals which are very beautiful and good that people are actually composed of ± 70% water if treated her or are treated well, then it would be a good human character.

So is the water that exists in nature, it is fitting we should treat him well, like not taking out the trash and chemical waste into the water so that water is expected to provide a good life, not vice versa bring disaster, like floods and other disasters. Water that can actually respond to any treatment given to him, it was concluded that the water was actually alive and can be invited to the communication (see, read and hear).

So it can be said that the water which is the biggest factor forming our body and the water which is the largest planet-forming factor is the healer that can be channeled into our minds so grow in love and gratitude in themselves. The results of this water are a brilliant breakthrough science that is able to dissolve the crystals into the ocean of spirituality. Observations are observant, meticulous and innovative character of the water against the real, lead us into a new understanding of the nature-smarter God the Creator of the universe which systematically and proportionally distributed on each element universal.

This is really about water, lately even up to this time the water is still not getting attention as an important object, the water is still a lot given the treatment that is less good, perhaps up to now we still get a lot of natural disasters caused by our lack of attention to of water.

That's all I think the meaning of water. Thank you for reading my article about the meaning of water. Please start from now will know meaning of water.

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