Mechanism of water absorption

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The theory of the mechanism of water absorption

Absorption of water in plants is done in two ways: actively and water absorption of water absorption is passive. Both ways are working on their own.

Water absorption is actively carried out by living cells. On the absorption of the cell requires openerp. The ability of water absorption is influenced by contain O2. If the roots of plants get enough 02 that the process of water absorption by the roots will take place very smoothly. Instead when O2 is less, the absorption of water by the roots will be very slow or not occur at all.

This theory is supported by some evidence as follows:

a. The roots of plants that live in areas with soil aeration is not good for example in have less friable and the ground is waterlogged roots curled shape.

b. If respiration is blocked by a barrier substance such as KCN, then Absorption of water will be reduced.

c. Absorption of water is only done by a living cell.

Water absorption occurs passively as a result of the leaf transpiration process. The more smoothly transpiration in the leaves, the more smoothly all the water absorption by the roots. That's just my explanation about the mechanism of water absorption.

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