Mineral water vs. bottled water

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Mineral water vs. bottled water. Mineral water is believed to help equip the elements for metabolism in the body. But there is scientific evidence that states that much of this mineral is in an inorganic form. When these minerals enter the circulation in the body, this mineral cannot be used in a physiological process to build up the body's cells. These inorganic minerals only interfere with the biological body of work that is very sensitive and very complex. This mineral is also very kidneys working system.

Mineral water vs. bottled water such as in, for example, will be (biologically) impossible to provide the body with iron if the way to supply or supplying iron pile with other inorganic minerals. The best way to supply the body with iron is through fruits and raw vegetables and fresh. With this, we can see that mineral water can easily supply the inorganic minerals into the body where the minerals cannot be digested / parsed correctly by the body.

According to expert

Eminent scientists in the field of minerals, said: Minerals are needed by the human body are found in water is insignificant compared with the minerals contained in food.

Medical journals in the United States: The need of the body with minerals found in large quantities of food, not from drinking water. Fact: The content of organic minerals found in drinking water represents only 1% of the total content of minerals contained in water. One glass of orange juice contains more minerals that are beneficial to the body than 30 gallons of drinking water that has not been processed.

How do you all understand? Surely it was clear he was right? Thank you for those of you who've read my article mineral water vs. bottled water.

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