Mountain Spring Water

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Mountain spring water - When talking about the source of life, the first thought in our minds is water. Humans can survive without food for 45-65 days with only water-dependent, but it will not last more than 3 days without water.

Mountain spring water which geographic factors affecting the availability of water sources, such as mountainous areas, has many springs. However, we must be vigilant, because it was not all good water to drink. And although in the mountains but not all springs suitable for consumption, because of the nature and its contents are always different. Be the best source of drinking water / based on scientific research from a number of sources quoted by the source water contained in the volcanic mountain.

Mountain spring water the best source of drinking water

The best source of drinking water comes from mountain springs of volcanic, because in addition to the location of the source is far below the ground surface, located on the mountain heights which still maintained its naturalness. During the drainage water in the soil, the daily period of up to millions of years, then there was the processes of physics and chemistry. Hidrogeokimia processes are highly influenced by the factors making up the mineral composition of the aquifer (bedrock water carrier), processes and patterns of groundwater movement and residence time of groundwater within these aquifers. Indonesia has more than a hundred active volcanoes and non geologically active where volcanoes that form the layers of rock that is perfect as the aquifers that provide balanced mineral content in water.

The results of hydrogeological research experts also mentioned the volcanic mountain water characteristics meet the three conditions are good sources of ground water is the quality, quantity and continuity.

Mountain spring water in terms of quality

In terms of quality, meaning that the source of drinking water meets the standards of the three measurements, namely the physical properties, chemical danbiologis. From the physical aspect, the source of drinking water should not be colorless, odorless, tasteless and turbid. From the chemical aspect, the material should not be drinking water containing heavy metals (eg mercury, nickel, lead, zinc and silver), or any toxic substances such as hydrocarbons and detergents. While on the biological aspects, drinking water should not contain microbes, especially bacteria Entamoeba coli.

Consuming water is a fundamental requirement for our bodies, even if it is measured it is known that water is the most liquid we consume into our bodies. Modern society began to be aware of the need for health investment for the future, they begin to realize that every drop of drinking water will provide an invaluable advantage for life in the future.

AQUA select only the best mountain spring water

AQUA select only the best springs from a height of mountains by using nine criteria, five stages and 1 year resourch. Tari Sulaeman Wijaya Brand Director of Danone AQUA, ensuring the Natural Goodness in every drop of AQUA, we were very careful and meticulous in choosing a water source The best. Because, not all sources of mountain spring water can be a source of natural spring AQLlA.

What is meant by 9 criteria include the amount of discharge of water from water sources must be balanced with the need to ensure the water environment around the eyes to stay awake; physical parameters; chemical parameters; microbiological parameters; springs environmental conditions and the presence of sources equally harmful to a source of pollutants , the stability of long-term physical parameters permantauan against possible changes in physical parameters; stability of the chemical parameters; sustainability of water resources quality and amount of discharge, and availability of infrastructure.

Furthermore, AQUA conduct an integrated study by a team of at least 1 year to study the characteristics of selected springs that are applied in 5 stages of a rigorous selection process, namely the prospect identification studies; geological studies; geoelectric studies; initial exploratory study, and study springs pedayagunaan thorough to ensure the sustainability of springs.

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