Regarding the brackish water

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Regarding brackish water - Do you know about brackish water? Here you will find out whether it is brackish water? Then, if the brackish water that can be used as drinking water for our lives? Get the answer is just here. Please refer to.

What is brackish water it?

Brackish water is a mixture of freshwater and seawater (salt water). If the levels of salt are contained in one liter of water is between 0.5 to 30 grams, then the water is called brackish water. But if so, is called brine.

Brackish water found in estuarine areas and has its own biodiversity. Some types of fish are popular in Indonesia, live in brackish water, such as banding.

Brackish water can damage the health

Brackish water. Do you make brackish water as drinking water is not good for health? Why is that? Because brackish water that if taken by the drinker will cause much disruption to the drinker. So that's why the health brackish water.

Why brackish water can be detrimental to health?

Do you know this is where the brackish water breeding germs? It is derived from various germs and viruses that exist. With various viruses and germs that exist, then also a lot of diseases that can result from water.

The disease could be the excessive diarrhea and cholera. However, brackish water which if used as drinking water can also lead to the end of death. This is because many of the germs that have been lodged in the body that make antibodies in the body is not strong enough to hold it. So that patients experience it.

How does the water taste salty?

Brackish water has an unpleasant taste and smell. That's why brackish water also should not be consumed because they do not meet water quality requirements.

Actually, the disease does not just come from brackish water we drink. However, it also comes from us. So you also must maintain the cleanliness of your house and your neighborhood. It is very important that you be protected from any germs and viruses that cause disease.

The source of the disease comes from an environment that is not maintained so it is advisable for you all to always maintain the cleanliness.

The characteristics of diarrhea:

a. Vomiting
b. The body becomes sluggish
c. Temperature heat
d. No appetite
e. Blood and mucus when disposing of dirt.

If diarrhea is not prevented by maintaining cleanliness, it will be fatal, and can lead to death of the sufferer in a short time.

So, get used to living well. That's all I think about brackish water.

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