Solvents in water can exit or enter

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Solvents in water that changed their hydropilicity on the addition and removal of CO2 could eliminate the need for energy-intensive distillation on an industrial scale.

In the chemical process industry, the separation of solvent from the product is usually done by distillation and requires the addition of a volatile solvent and a number of enormous energy. Now, it has developed a new type of solvent that can change from hydrophobic to hydrophilic which means can be moved from its product without distillation.

Solvents in water which Jossep team first introduced the idea of changing the solvent properties of their salvation in 2005, when they found a non-ionic and non-polar midines are transformed into an ionic and polar fluids hexylcarbonate salt after evaporating the CO2 for several hours. After studying various guanidines and midines, now they have found that the solvent N, N, N-tributylpentanamidine, which usually cannot dissolve in water can be dissolved completely transformed into the water when CO2 is added.

Soybean oil was recently extracted from soybeans using hexane, which then must be removed by distillation. As an alternative, solvent can be replaced in its hydrophobic form can be used to extract oil. Then, the addition of solvent water to form carbonized change hydrophilic and a biphasic system containing a layer of pure soybean oil and the aqueous layer was formed. After pouring out the oil, CO2 can easily be transferred from aqueous solution by heating and solvent change back to his hydrophobic state that allows it to be separated from water and reused.

This technology can be useful in any application, and probably many more who may not have we ever thought of before.

An expert on alternative solvents Germans feels that this is truly a step forward. A solvent with a very easy conversion to level hydropilicity unprecedented and deserves special attention, and many potential applications of the solvent which can be changed hydropilicity documented in most case studies are stimulating.

Now working on the development of solvent which can be changed at reasonable cost and hope this process can be scaled to the industry. We are still working on a proper analysis of energy requirements and environmental impact on the new process as compared to distillation. That's what I think about solvents in water that can exit or enter.

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