Source of drinking water management

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Source of drinking water management. We have had a lot of news about the dryness of the water resources in many areas because of the dry season is still long. We know that water is an indispensable element of life the human body. Healthy and safe water that goes in the body will make the body healthy.

One of the countries, namely Indonesia which is endowed with abundant natural resources including water, but we are often lulled by the use of water including managing it. But times have changed, more and more ground water pollution occurs, the dry and rainy seasons are irregular and management of ground water which causes worsening fertile safe water is reduced.

In 2008, there were 60,566,705 households in Indonesia, according to data from the Village Potential of the village / village and collected. Water pollution reported in the village of 7.654 (10% of the entire village) and 14.258 of the village there are cases diarrhea with 255.946 cases. This case probably will be higher given the potential for rural data only from the device information village.

This condition is likely to be even worse because nearly 58% of households in Indonesia use drinking water from wells, either artesian well / pump, protected, or unprotected. Also there are still about 6% of households use the river or lake for its water source. In the event of pollution of water or other pollution that causes unhealthy drinking water source so you can imagine the condition of public health to the fore.

Source of drinking water management. Groundwater management by communities is also one of the causes of pollution of drinking water. Maybe people know that drinking water sources should be far from excreta disposal sites, but most households have only a narrow area of land so that safe drinking water requirements are ignored. Based on the statistical sources of safe drinking water, since 2001, generally there is an increased use of safe water for household groups based on their welfare. Safe drinking water here include: bottled water, tap water (meter / retail), boreholes, protected wells & springs that distance to the disposal of feces is more than 10 meters. The new half of households in Indonesia use this safe drinking water. A significant increase occurred in 20% of the richest households, which in 2007 was 74.4% of households use safe drinking water. So finally almost half of households are particularly vulnerable to the use of unhealthy drinking water.

Finally, the management of drinking water sources is the responsibility of all parties, government and private sources of capital have had to make policy more mass, whereas the public must maintain a minimal environment around the house to rescue a safe water source. That is the source of drinking water management.

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