Spider silk to absorb water

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Spider silk to absorb water. Did you all know the name of spider silk? Do you know one kind of spider this is has the advantage? The surplus is that it can absorb water.

The spider silk can change its structure when it gets wet, and improve its ability to capture water from the air. This is a proposed new study by Chinese scientists.

Many who want to investigate this water-spider? Using insights from observations made by scientists of the spider silk is a natural. Are the conclusions drawn from the scientists after doing this research? The investigators concluded that to create a silk that his expression resembles the water storage capability.

Do you know, spider webs also have the ability to capture and hold water? With the results are so wonderful in the morning dew, it is often treated as something very beautiful, but less interesting addition to the story of how his incredible strength. However, Lei Jiang in Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing is very interested in getting a unique property like this root. His team also began to examine carefully the image of electron microscope observations of the silk produced by Hackled orb weavers.

According to their findings, the structure of silk changed when it comes in contact with water vapor. Clumps of hydrophilic, loosely from a very good silk, held around the yarn is dry, water droplets begin to shrink as they solidify. Water droplets in the middle of the place is then drawn towards the 'knot' produced. Two of these features, what is being proposed by the calculations of Jiang, pushing the droplet toward the node. The first time, a difference in surface energy between the vertices of coarse and fine place among them, and the second is a difference in the pressures that act on different sides of each droplet while climbing the ramp to one node.

But Fritz Vollrath, who studied spider silk at Oxford University in England, not one of agreement with Jiang's theory. He argues that the spider silk should be dry in order to function. If I am correct, then the author was studying the artifacts, which are still attractive, although no biological function. On the other hand, if the writer correctly and in a special silk, the damping is used - perhaps to improve the efficiency of his arrest - then this team has uncovered the torsion is not unexpected in history, which will attract lots of attention and further research.

Optical microscopic image of water droplets related on spider webs in a fog, and below, the knot coil / structure that joins the artificial spider silk from this team

Brent Opell, a spider expert at Virginia Tech in Virginia, United States, were equally cautious with the results, although he said that this enter experimental work. Implications (capture) which makes strain have been made to produce a moisturizer is not the view of most of the arachnologist. But this study is well done and the performance of the complete manufacture of these strains are described and modeled mathematically.

Whatever the explanation, Jiang said that artificial silk - cloaking is formed by the nylon fibers with poly (methylmethacrylate) / N, N-dimethylformamide-ethanol, which dries to a small knot similar to those that exist in the real spider silk - which has important applications. 'In locations that have little rainfall, we can use this material to capture water droplets the air. I think this is a very useful technique in the near future times.

That's my post this time about spiders silk absorbs water.

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