TDS of water

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How do we lower the TDS level of our drinking water?

TDS of water there are several ways the most frequently used as a filtration system and water purification are as follows:

Carbon Filtration

Reduce TDS of water may use charcoal, a form of carbon that has a surface area, absorbs and binds many compounds including those that are toxic. Water that passes through an active charcoal to remove contaminants in the water content.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

In addition, reduce the TDS of water can also use Reverse Osmosis works by bringing pressure on the water until the pressure has to be able to penetrate semi-permeable membrane that only water molecules can pass by without any other contaminants. RO is the most developed method for the purification systems that exist today.


Distillation uses evaporating water to be wet steam. The water vapor chamber cooling up to so condensed into water again and accommodated. Because the dissolved solids in general not be steam, they remain in a state of boiling water.


Water flowed through the sidelines of the positive electrode and negative electrode. Selector’s membrane ion will create positive ions regardless of the water toward the negative electrode and negative ions toward the positive electrode. It will produce de-ionized water is very pure. However, early treatment is usually performed on a reverse osmosis unit to remove non-ionic contaminants.

That's what I think about the TDS of water for those of you who want to minimize it, congratulations to try it.

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