Water and oxygen for life

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Water and oxygen is essential for life. Relation to the water with oxygen is the oxygen we breathe when it can consume fresh drinking water.

Water and oxygen absolute requirement for life

Water and oxygen are needed in life, why is that? Without water in the body's metabolism will go smoothly. Since the majority (70%) of our body is water, we still may live another week without drinking water.

Without oxygen the body cans not burn glucose ingestion of food into energy that we use to move.

Because just as important, the rising creative thoughts among industrialists to create high-oxygen water. Drinks result of collaboration between the water and acid is now widely circulated on the market. Some are marketed in the form of bottled ready to drink. There also must be obtained through a magic pot. Pitcher was offered to consumers, because it can turn ordinary water into high-oxygen water.

Apparently, the competition's products range of exciting progress. Especially since almost all products advertised as a health drink and drive that can prevent various health problems and diseases.

The human body cannot store oxygen as a backup to be used at a later date.

Of the various products that oxygenated water, hexagonal water apparently is the most phenomenal and difficult to explain to the lay person.

Everyday we just differentiate water in liquid form (water), solid (ice) and gas (steam).

However, it is called the water chemically. One water molecule (H2O) in the form of two hydrogen atoms (H) is bound by one oxygen atom (O). All three are bound in a rigid form, resembling a V angle of 104.5 degrees. O atoms located at the corner of the letter V, whereas each H at the end of both legs.

A drop of water contained in the billions of water molecules. You can imagine, billions of letters V cramped and constantly moving randomly. His condition tumultuous and irregular. However, in certain circumstances these water molecules can line up orderly. For example, in the solid state as ice or snow.

In the form of ice or snow, naturally water molecules line up neatly. Every six molecules through hydrogen bonds join hands, forming a water cluster (water clusters) are hexagon ring structure (hexagonal).

Because hexagon-shaped, then among the six molecules that contained a blank space, which is larger than the size of the water molecule itself. That's why when it freezes, the water expands as it takes more space. Molecular oxygen in this space can be trapped, unable to escape. As a result, the structure of hexagonal water contains more oxygen than the amount of the structure of ordinary water.

What about bottled water?

This is where the great scientist. Although not frozen, the water molecules could be forced to join hands with the help of a magnetic field strength and infrared light, thus forming a hexagonal structure.
The structure can be styled in such a way, because the water molecules have the properties of electric and magnetic.

However, this forced power has limitations. If the water temperature is raised, the water molecules have the energy to fight. Consequently, the hexagonal structure breaks down. Hexagonal water was changed into ordinary water. Oxygen is initially trapped, could sway kale escape.

Drink immediately

Logic, the higher the temperature rise, too little dissolved oxygen. You see, the increase in temperature makes water molecules move more quickly, thus destroying the hexagonal structure and release the trapped oxygen.
As an illustration, at a temperature of 30 degrees C, the solubility of oxygen will be halved compared to the ice. Do not be surprised if you drink ice water, felt fresher than warm water, because the oxygen content is higher in ice water.

The critical point occurs at a temperature of l00 ° C. At the boiling temperature of no more oxygen is dissolved, aka zero. With other words, the benefits of hexagonal water as a carrier of oxygen will remain a story if used in a way cooked.

Hexagonal water is very labile, as opposed to the natural structure of water. In addition to temperature susceptible, it can also be decomposed during the storage period.

That's why most manufacturers recommend, drink hexagonal water is less than 20 minutes since prepared. Some others suggest, the product is stored in the refrigerator 8 degrees C, and to avoid direct sunlight.

In the visible, the appearance of hexagonal water and high-oxygenated water is not much different than bottled water. Equally clear and be wishy-washy if it is above the taro leaves. Differences can only be known oxygen content of the test dissolved oxygen (dissolved oxygen, DO).

To prove the existence of the hexagonal structure takes some sophisticated equipment, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Interestingly, the market is now also supply hexagonal water products in packaging that cost not much different from the regular price of drinking water in containers. In fact, hexagonal water needed to produce advanced equipment and of course the expensive cost.

Difficult Tested

Difficult because its structure is unstable, hexagonal water could have unraveled if marketed in containers ready for drinking. During the storage period, it is possible hexagonal water has been turned into regular water. Fuss, this cannot be tested by consumers. So that's the importance of water and oxygen for life.

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