Water as a source of life

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What is Water?

Water as a source of life - As I have, and we learned together, water is one thing that God created this earth that have the nature and specific character. Water is follow the shape of the container and the temperature of their environment or have no fixed form, in other words can be either liquid, gaseous, or solid.

Molecules forming the water is H20, which is composed of two molecule hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.

The Human Body

Then after birth and into adulthood, humans consist of 70% -80% water. Then if more water than a dense, what can still be said that humans were made of soil (solid objects)? Consider the second time.

Water on Earth

Apparently, the water on earth is also not a lot, which is only about 1.4087 billion km3. Especially in the whole universe. Many of the countries are willing to spend money to get water to the other planets. All looking for another life or other place that believed there was any water there (the basic principle that no water = no life. (Although the actual primary mission is to find other energy sources and other materials are better and more robust than that already found in the earth).

Picture a ball that represents the volume of water (1.4087 km3) (including sea water, ice, lakes, rivers, surface water, clouds, etc.) and the volume of air (5140 million tons) compared with the volume of Earth's mass.


All the water contained in the earth and even then, not everything can be directly utilized. Only about 2.5% -3% of its fresh water, the rest is salt water (sea water). And a small portion of it, only 0.3% of surface water.

That's about water as a source of life.

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