Water filter treatment

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Water treatment filter - Cleaning and replacement of filter media water / water filter is essential to be done to maintain the quality of the production so that the results are as expected.

Late / negligent in cleaning drinking water filter will result in decreased quality of filtration. Here's how to clean the Air Filter / water filter for drinking water refill depot and households.

Shaped Tubes (With the construction of many faucets) How to Clean Drinking Water Filter tube:
Water treatment filter must first be ascertained that the supply of water for cleaning is quite a lot and flow / pump ON position, it means do not do the cleaning when the water in the storage tank / reservoir / Toren live a little.

For households, do not do the cleaning at the time of running water was a small discharge / pressure is weak. This will result in less than the maximum cleaning results. Perform cleaning by way Back Wash / Flow Behind, meaning that if the flow of water to the filter entry and exit from the top down, then to the Back WAsh is the opposite, namely the flow of water entering from below and out from above.

Problem faucet which should open the lid you please use your own logic, because to explain it a bit tricky here because the construction of water taps in the filter tube is different from one another (Sell Air Filter). If in doubt, you should contact the seller TSB tubes.

Shaped Tubes (With Three Way Valve valve) How to clean tubes Fiber (Wave Cyber, Pentair, etc):

Water treatment filter which among the easiest types of tube cleaning is a tube with a three-way valves this valve. First of all, just as above, make sure the water for cleaning in a state contains / pressurized and not empty.

Then close the faucet out (if any) so that the dirty water at the time did not wash back into the home / holding tank. Next follow the instructions written on a three-way valve faucet body (Sell Air Filter).

* For cleaning the place position in the writing back wash valve, it will exit the dirty water of the exhaust pipe.
* To place the flushing valve position in writing Rinse, then it will exit the water flushing the drain pipe.
* When finished, place the valve position on the writings of Drinking Water Filters.
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Additional notes: usually to the back wash to finish took 15 s / d 30 minutes (depending on water turbidity). On 10 minutes the first position of the tap must be moved to the pattern: Back wash -> Rinse -> Back wash -> Rinse with pauses per 2 minutes until the water comes out really clean. If it is clean please move to filter position and finished. That water treatment filter.

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