Water oxygen excess

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Water oxygen has a wide range of excess. Exceed its advantages compared with ordinary drinking water. The following advantages of the water oxy:

1. OXY not contain inorganic

Water oxygen does not have an organic content that is not needed by the body (= inorganic minerals in the soil that cannot be dissolved / digested in the body, but will settle in the blood vessels, causing the bladder to the kidney stone gall stone). = Ordinary organic minerals present in foods such as vegetables, fruits and meats.

Can be proved by using test kits water electrolyzer is in starter kit. If you test with RO water (reverse osmosis) water which has also been eliminated organic minerals, so it may take longer to RO water will turn yellow, while the water remains clear OXY, only RO water has no oxygen and MRET as OXY.

2. OXY has a high oxygen content

Water oxygen also has a very high oxygen content. It is beneficial beneficial for human health, humans cannot live without oxygen. With the oxygen our bodies can regenerate its cells, enlarging the power absorbs vitamins and nutrients, neutralize toxic substances in the bloodstream and increase the immune system.

Can be proved by inserting a live fish into the bottle tightly closed OXY then the fish will continue to live up to one week more, whereas if ordinary water in a closed fish died in 1-3 days.

3. OXY has been enabled by the use of technology MRET (Molecular Magnetic resonance e-Technology)

Water oxygen also activated by using technology MRET or e-Magnetic Resonance Molecular. This technology binds hydrogen ions and oxygen ions becomes stronger, the water that passes through this tool will be positively charged. Water that has been in turn will facilitate entry into cells in blood vessels.

This active water will dilute the blood to clot, so that a smooth blood circulation (such as acupuncture method for improving blood circulation), cancer prevention, energy generating cells, etc.

Can be proved by using a Micro-Electron, these tools such as microscopes, through this tool can be seen between OXY and routine blood drinkers who do not. Whereas that is not blood clot blood clot or a drinker OXY not spread smoothly. That's the oxygen excess water.

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