Water Pollution on Aquatic Life

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Water pollution on aquatic life - Materials kinds of creatures that live in water, among others, a variety of fish, crocodiles, turtles, frogs, microorganisms, algae, aquatic plants and mosses. All are included in aquatic life. If the source of contaminated water where aquatic life, then the food in the water cycle and ecosystems disrupted water / aquatic life will be disrupted as well. Organisms eg small / weak as plankton are dying because many poisoning contaminated materials, a small fish-eating plankton are dying from lack of food, as well as fish-eaters larger fish small fish will die if food shortages.

Aquatic life can also be disrupted because of:

a) Water levels of oxygen or lack of sunlight caused by pollution of the water becomes muddy soil / sludge.
b) Surface waters of pollutants covered by a layer of oil or detergent foam, so that sunlight and oxygen necessary for aquatic life cannot penetrate the surface of the water into the water.
c) Reduced / endless levels of oxygen in the process water pollutants of organic compounds.
d) Surface water is covered by water plants like water hyacinth as a pollutant that thrives by the presence of pollutants in the form of fertilizing food crops such as compounds of phosphate, nitrate.
e) The increase in water temperature due to heat pollutants from industries that use water as coolant, or as water from the powerhouse building.

That's just my opinion. Thank you for reading the water pollution on aquatic life.

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