Water resources safeguard

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Safeguard water resources, currently getting serious attention from the government. This departs from the public and government awareness that the source of water as a vital element of the environment is one natural resource that can ensure the continued life.

Water resource is a comprehensive effort safeguards in protecting, developing utilization, and control of water resources. Therefore, the regulation is intended for the arrangement of buildings on the edge of the water resources, protection of society from the destructive force of water, environmental management, and development of economic potential that can be implemented according to its purpose.

In other words, the determination of the water source demarcation area aims to:

1. The function of the source water is not interrupted by a growing activity in the vicinity;
2. Destructive force of water on water resources and the environment can be limited and controlled;
3. Utilization activities and efforts to increase the value of the benefits of water resources can provide optimal results, while keeping the physical preservation and continuity of functions of water resources;
4. Development and / or buildings on the edge of the water resources required to watch the rules of order, security, harmony, cleanliness and beauty of the water source demarcation area;
5. The occupants and / or utilization of buildings and land on the edge of the water source, must play an active role in maintaining the sustainability of water resources.

The scope of local regulation of cross border water resource districts / cities which are managed by local governments, including establishment of lines of demarcation, setting buildings on the edge line of demarcation, coaching and supervision, arrangement and utilization of regional demarcation. In terms of water resource management of border areas, local governments can work with the district / city governments in the region. While in terms of structuring and utilization can be established with third parties.

Arrangement of the water source demarcation area of water should be paying attention to the following:

1. Free from building permanent, semipermanent and settlements;
2. Free disposal of waste, solid waste and hazardous liquid waste on the environment;
3. Optimally used for green belt;
4. Do not disturb the continuity of carrying capacity, carrying capacity, and function of the source water.

Land use in the border area can be made for the following activities:

1. Aquaculture and agriculture by specific crop types;
2. Installation of billboards, extension boards, and warnings, as well as signs of work;
3. Installation of network cabling and piping networks, both above and in the soil;
4. Pole erection foundation of transport infrastructure;
5. Implementation of activities that are economic and social development and social organizations, which do not cause adverse impacts to the preservation and security of physical function as well as water resources;
6. Construction of traffic infrastructure of water;
7. Construction of a building retrieval and disposal of water.

Construction of public facilities and / or crossing over or under the basic source of water, should consider the free space above the highest water surface and the bottom of the deepest sources of water.

Construction of residential buildings and / or public service facilities established outside boundary demarcation line of water resources, should have a cross section of the face or the face that overlooks the water source. Development must obtain permission from the authorities.

That is the safeguard water resources.

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