Water shortages and how to overcome it

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Water shortages and how to overcome it. We can cope with water shortages by utilizing wells. One source of fresh water or clean water that we most often use everyday is derived from ground water wells. It is no denying that many of us who use water from wells as the primary water source. Thus, naturally we also maintain the quality and quantity of water originating from wells that we have.

Water shortages are overcome by using wells that serve to increase the amount of ground water, can also serve to reduce runoff. With the additional amount of water into the ground through our infiltration wells, expected in the dry season the well was able to supply or provide water supply for us. In other words, in the presence of absorption wells are expected fluctuations in ground water level in the wet season and dry season is not too much different.

The easiest way to to keep the ground water we have is to drain the rain water that falls onto the tile or our home page directed and placed into the wells. This will make a double benefit. In addition to the page does not tarnish or flooding (water is not stagnant), we also increase the supply of groundwater that will be very influential during the dry season.

Addition can be made per household, wells can also be made to scale communal or for some households. One example of making wells can be seen in the figure below:

There is also the rain water that comes from tile house accommodated and directed into drains and then headed into the wells are on the bottom or base of the wells have been given the fibers. Usefulness of the fibers here to filter rain water entering the water before it enters into the ground. At the top of the well was also installed water drains into the drainage channel. Sewer will be very useful if it is rain water that goes beyond the capacity of the wells.

So how water shortages is not a problem anymore right? So good luck!

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