Why is Reliable RO

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Why RO can be trusted? Maybe think in mind you are discouraged, why should I trust the RO water purification system? And since the small our mother always cooking water. It is true, the cooking water will kill bacteria and other germs. However, bacteria and germs that have died will dissolve in the cooking pot. Obviously this way is very different from the RO filters out bacteria and germs and separate the rest of them into the disposal tank.

What is RO ?

As long as you use RO, do you know if RO is it? Do you also know how to work the RO? Here I give an explanation of RO, known as reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis is a process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute by using a pressure exceeding the osmotic pressure. In more simple terms, reverse osmosis is pushing a solution through a filter that captures solutes from one side and let the pure solvent income from the other side.

While the workings of reverse osmosis are as follows:

The process makes the solute-carrying layer deposited on the pressure so that the pure solvent can flow into the next layer. Membrane selection should be selective or it could sort out which means that the solvent can pass through a substance (or a smaller part of the solution) but not impassable solutes such as large molecules and ions. Osmosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in living cells in which the solvent molecules (usually water) will flow from areas of lower concentration to areas of high Concentrating through a semi permeable membrane. Semi permeable membrane, it points to the cell membrane or any membrane that has a similar structure or part of the cell membrane. The movement of solvent continues until a balanced concentration is reached on both sides of the membrane.

What is the advantage rather than a reverse osmosis?

Meanwhile, the benefits of reverse osmosis is the result of decades of research. So, in terms of quality, RO water no doubt. RO water following advantages:

* The technology developed by the U.S. space agency NASA for its astronauts out space. So, reverse osmosis technology has gone through a rigorous due diligence process.

* Reverse osmosis re-used as a purification process in the Midwest flood of 6300 units.

* The process of purification through semi-permeable membrane with 0.0001 micron scale so that only pure water (H20) that can be through the membrane so as to ensure quality water. Being dirty or polluted water into the water disposal will be wasted.

* Millions of families around the world are using reverse osmosis.

* Reversion osmosis technology has received awards in the United States and around the world even recommended by physicians in the United States (Dr. Tc. McDenielli).

* The cost is cheaper for every gallon produced.

* The level of purity of 96% -98%, so free from heavy metals, dirt and germs.

We allow you to meet clean water, healthy and quality which is a water purifier equipment.

The RO privilege as follows:

* The quality of the best water and pure, free of contamination by a pipe, air, human error, etc.
* More efficient and better quality than bottled water.
* Protect the health of the kidneys, heart, liver, and other body tissues.
* It has a refreshing taste and without ion-containing minerals.
* Generates 99, 99% pure water.
* Cook rice more lasting 2 days is not stale, fruit juice, beverage, medicine, soup, syrup becomes more feel fresh and not easily damaged.
* Water quality can be tested at any time by the consumer.
* Suitable for household, office depot, water refills, etc. industries.

How do you understand with my explanation above? Besides, you already know why the RO reliable, thanks for the readers!

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